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Recent Focus @ 18 Jun

Curriculum Related

  • PLC
  • PID, State Space & LQR Controller


Brief Self-Intro

You can call me PhilHE

Which is combined Philharmonic (loving classical music) and HE (my family name)

Junior Student in Mechatronics

With a so-so academic performance, many hobbies & interests and hope to be
an engineer with professionalism and humanistic spirits (ง •̀_•́)ง

Hobbies & Interests

Classical Music

Especially the Baroque' Masterpiece like Bach's 6 Suites for Solo Violoncello and Vivaldi's Four Seasons etc.


Crazy about F1 and fortunate to join Passionate @ DIAN Racing as a powertrain engineer so as to strike a balance between curriculum and excitement


Joining Super Power team as a machinist at Sophomore and dreams of becoming a roboticist which builds the Da Vinci Surgical System !

Others to say

Enjoying Podcasts and IPN is my favorite,
whose aim is also my life-long goal

Rationalthinking, Anti-intellectualism & More wet goods



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Last to All the curious visitors like you !

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